“Specialists in premium quality construction”

We are in a very competitive environment, and with a very high level of demand. After the financial crisis, the current situation calls for companies with highly qualified and versatile teams in order to meet the expectations of very demanding customers, which is our primary goal.

Customers seeking excellence. Customers who value quality and professionalism in a process we will complete together to make their dreams come true.

The market has led us to work with different nationalities: Spaniards, Germans, British, Swedes, etc, mainly for luxury single family houses, on new build projects, as well as refurbishment and rehabilitation projects.




A highly qualified, dynamic team who are spurred on by a job “well done”. Each project is special and unique, and our team takes care of processing it and executing it in the most efficient way and with the best results.


We are committed to strict compliance with our clients’ contracts, guaranteeing we easily meet expectations in terms of quality, deadlines and budgets. We have a comprehensive project management system to ensure correct coordination and progress.


With ample experience in the latest home automation solutions and solar / geothermal energy systems, the team specialises in special and often complex installations. Most of the houses are equipped with sophisticated lighting control solutions, and intelligent automation, designed for perfect integration and simple use.


We provide peace of mind and security in a simple, quick, hassle-free process. Listening, helping, adapting, on a journey we’ll take together, to achieve the best results. Our work doesn’t end when the job is finished, we are always available for whatever the customer may need.


We hold the ISO certifications 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, issues that are increasingly important. These certifications were obtained in 2009 and have been checked and renewed ever since to keep them up-to-date.


We are committed to company values, not just for our customers but for our employees too. We place great value on continuous training to remain the best. We take Date Protection very seriously. We take great care with our image to meet our clients’ high standards. And we offer comprehensive project service, with an interior design department and our own equipment.




“We are a multidisciplinary team. We work together, and this takes us forward”

Eduardo López, Founder and manager of Alibaz. He has had a long career with over 45 years in the industry, and with direct experience in construction in Spain and also in Germany. He is one of the most business-like and professional individuals in the sector which has led to him being the current President of the Asociación de Constructores de Baleares (ACB) (Association of Builders of the Balearic Islands) and Vice President of the Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Baleares (CAEB) (Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands), thereby “doing his bit” to make the future of the construction industry in the Balearic Islands more positive.

Pau Pont, with 25 years’ experience in the sector, takes on the role of Technical Manager. Pau has been working alongside Eduardo López for 18 years, with the same values and the same concern and passion for a job well done, creating an unbeatable team of experts.

Alma López is in charge of “Quality and Environment”, a continuous task to ensure our work gets better and better every day and to renew the certifications that prove this every year.

Hada López is in charge of “Added Value”; managing the area of interior design, communication, training and data protection. Values that we take very seriously, for our customers as well as for our employees.

The Alibaz human team has experience in practically all areas of building (Healthcare Facilities, Airports, Education centres, social housing, luxury housing, etc.)

Our teams are capable of constructing a 16th century vault or the most modern of spaces; or challenges like buildings with Vedic architecture that is so special and sensitive.

Even with all this expertise, we are still committed to continuous training, which means that every year we review, update and give new areas of expertise to our employees, so we are always the best and ready to face any challenge set before us.





Integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Policy

The integrated Quality, Environment and H&S Policy is based on the commitment made by ALIBAZ to develop a management approach that ensures the quality of our products and services, with a commitment to respecting and protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our workers.

In accordance with this responsibility, the following guidelines are proposed:

To put the demands of customer satisfaction before economic profit by using quality as a management tool in our business.

Create a management culture based on quality service, environmental protection and the occupational health and safety of our employees.

Have sufficient human and technological resources to achieve improved quality and safety at work.

Carry out all activities within a framework of environmental protection: promoting conservation of the environment in areas where our business is carried out; the rational use of natural resources; and efficient waste management and pollution prevention.

Comply with applicable environmental and Health and Safety at Work legislation, as well as all other requirements the organization is committed to.

Achieve a high level of health and safety at work. Establish, implement and maintain a management model oriented to these processes as well as to environmental protection.
Integrate this system in the management of the organization, so that Health and Safety at Work is incorporated into all activities.

Provide information for our suppliers and customers and ensure their participation and right of consultation. Involve them in the improvement of working conditions and promote their awareness and participation in the common goal of quality and health and safety.

Promote an environment of trust and support for staff, by showing interest, listening to them and collaborating in addressing their needs. Involve everyone in the organization in a culture of respect, fairness, honesty and transparency.

This Quality, Environment and H&S Policy must be known, understood and complied with by all ALIBAZ staff.

Annually, the Management will propose specific, quantitative targets to develop this policy, with the aim of constantly improving the Integrated Management System in place.

Eduardo López

Alibaz CEO
October, 2017  (Ed. 02)

Scope of the Management System

Alibaz is established as a construction company where the scope of the management system includes:

The construction of types of building work (demolitions; brick or concrete structures; metal structures; masonry, rendering and coatings; stone and marble work; flooring, paving and tiling; insulation and waterproofing; woodwork; metalwork). Electrical installations (power lines, lighting and luminous beacons, transformer centres and high voltage distribution, low voltage distribution.

Electronic installations. Non-specific electrical installations) mechanical installations (elevators or conveyors, ventilation, heating and cooling. Plumbing and sanitary installations. Non-specific mechanical installations). Special installations (boreholes, injections and pile driving). Fire protection installations. Paints and metallisation. Ornamentation and decoration. Gardening and cultivation. Restoration of historic-artistic real estate. Restoring and refurbishing works.