Quality is in every step, in every detail. Both in what you see and in what you don’t see.

The training and motivation of our workers and the compliance with our strict management and implementation protocols guarantee our ISO 9001 certification.

Our ultimate goal: full customer satisfaction.


The importance of the environment is indisputable.

We hold the ISO 14001 certification because we care, and we are committed to our environmental performance.

And we want to give something back. With our “Give a tree” initiative, which we give as a gift to our customers at the end of the work, we help the reforestation work in our country.


Safety is one of the most important and complex factors in our work environment. We take care of the details every day to try and work in an environment that is as controlled and safe as possible, and we train our workers continuously.

It’s not about learning a lesson, it’s about feeling it’s the only option.

We take care of each other, empowering each and every one of our workers, giving them the invisible wings of a guardian angel.
It’s not just for you, it’s for everyone.


Alibaz is a family and that means we take care of our own. But focussing only on family isn’t enough these days; we also have to make efforts to contribute to bettering the world around us, either at a local level with the help of meal centres, at a national level with the publishing of stories for sick children in hospitals, or at an international level, by building houses for the most disadvantaged. It is a responsibility that falls on us all.