Environmental performance 2017

December 11, 2018 interiorismo

Environmental performance 2017

With the implementation of the organisation’s Quality and Environmental Management System, the mandatory separation and correct management of all the waste generated at the company, both hazardous and non-hazardous, has been established. In order to ensure the correct management of this hazardous waste, Alibaz has contracted the services of the authorised manager Adalmo and registered its control in Alibaz’s Environmental Control Plan.

In compliance with points 7.4.3 of External Communication and 9.1.1 referring to the evaluation of environmental performance, we can confirm the following:

In 2017 the following waste was generated and managed:

– C&D waste: 206% more than in 2016.

– Hazardous Waste on site: 212% more than in 2016.

– Office Hazardous Waste: the same percentage has been maintained.

As for the reuse of earth and C&D waste in the works themselves, the percentage has increased by 129.6%.

With regards consumption:

– Headquarters: 54.6% less water has been used compared to the average water consumption of the last 5 years. Electricity consumption has decreased by 10% compared to the last 5 years. The amount of paper used has fallen by 13.1% compared to the last 5 years. Diesel consumption has increased by 29.3% (due to new vehicles being added to our fleet).

– Works: 77.3% more water was used and 126.8% more electricity than the previous year, due to the increase in the volume of work.

There was no Environmental Emergency in 2017.